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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 25, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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unnecessary and immature to do this. they should just, like watch what they say. >> detectives have not revealed if they'll see criminal charges against the prankster. >> happening now courtroom proceedings underway in the case of a family accused of killing a man who reportedly forced a young woman into prostitution. >> vic lee is in the newsroom with more on this. >> this is a sordid case. some of the terms use -- have used terms like vigilante killing but prosecutors sate parents of the young girl, who was 17 took the law into heir hands and simply murdered him. whatever happened, the prosecution and defense couldn't be farther apart. >> i'm confident the jury will dot right thing returning verdicts of not guilty. >> eric sapphire represents the father of young woman he says was forced into prostitution by a 22-year-old calvin sneerksd tony
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tamborello is the attorney for the girl's mother. >> she was very concerned and tried to coax her daughter not to stay with this man. >> everything he said, except murder. the prosecution sees it differently. >> there is a plan skprkt plan was executed. it was hunted down on the street and shot dead. >> investigators say snead just brought the girl from l.a. to her parents's home june third. the girl reportedly called him and ask he pick her up at home. snead was shot to death in the parked car, prosecutors say a surveillance video taken on the 1400 block of grove street the day of the murder shows the father barry guilton and other two suspects meeting in the hays valley on the 1400 block of grove street. they say one of the suspects rented a car in l.a. and drove to it san francisco. and that the video shows a driver on grove street meeting the girl's father and nephew, who drove up in another car.
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the complaint says they drove to bay view and waited for snead and when he arrived guilton shot him in the head. >> i know all of them. and it just don't make no sense to me. i don't think any of them had anything to do with this, this just sounds ridiculous to me. >> there are ironies in this case. a source tells abc 7 news that two of the defendants are associated with a street gang called cdp involved, among other things nrk prostitution. the hearing is expected to continue tomorrow. at 6:00 tonight you'll hear from the district attorney. >> vic, thank you. a 16-year-old boy sentenced to 25 years for killing his adoptive parents. he told police he killed then them in january by using a choke hold learned in marshal arts class. dayman added he'd been
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suspended from school for smoking marijuana and did not want to deal with his parents being angry with him. >> county sheriff department investigators say a deputy was acting in self-defense when he shot a man around 9:30 this morning. this just after it happened. investigators say a 28-year-old man was carrying a knife and charged at the deputy who then fired. neighbors tell abc 7 the man has a history of erratic behavior. >> we're close-knit community right here on the streets. we've dwelt this a few times. it's just had to come to this. >> the man shot in the arm and he is recovering. >> an 18-year-old belmont man is accused of indecent exposure following an arrest linked to buzz on social networks. they say he hat sath in his car, exposing himself to wism walking on hiller street over two weekends. police say postings and
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publicity led to his arrest. >> happening now in antioch an attempted kidnapping in a school has parents and teachers giving students a lesson in stranger danger. this follows the report about an incident involving their child yesterday outside of sutter elementary school. amy hollyfield with more now. >> a lot of eyes on these kids this morning as they headed in to sutter school. news a man tried to abduct a fifth grader has skpairnts teachers on edge. >> i'm scared. i'm very, very scared. i don't -- i don't want my kids to walk home. i see little kids walking home its very unsettling. you know? strange to know this can happen right next to you. with your house, where your kid goes to school. >> the principal says the boy was walking to his ride across the park. >> a stranger was at the park in a car, called a student over saying he was going to pick the student up and, the
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student said i don't know you. and left. >> the principal notified parents this happened and encouraged parents to talk to their kids about stranger danger. >> yes. we have to talk well. what talk. with my son and with my daughter, she's 15. you never know. is so we did that. >> he's described as a white man with gray hair and stubble driving a light blue car. police say he has not been seen since but they're asking with anyone for information to give them a call. >> no morn warnings for drivers they must feed meters or get a ticket. san francisco started charging at meters from noon to 6:00 until now, violateors received a warning. the city says this isn't about money but increasing turnover in business areas. san francisco stabdz to rake in $1.7 million a year under this new policy.
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>> it's not about the money. >> yes. >> another snowy, cold day back east. a dusting of snow covering white house, temperatures dropping into teens again, today. it won't be soon enough for the driver of this bus carrying members of the track team. four people were hurt. none seriously. >> and it snowed in chicago. more than an inch fell today in the city's no snow stree. chicago had gone 335 day was out any measurable snowfall. >> yi. very different story here, we've had some showers, they've kind of moved out. >> a little bit of sunshine in there as well. >> yes. increasing amount of sunshine sna. you can see spots of moisture may not be hitting the ground in places where we record precipitation up in the
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north bay here just south of cobb just an area a spot west of clover dale near sea ranch no. reports from our major reporting stations at this hour, mostly reporting partly sunny skies. patch of moisture maybe showers in this little blob of moisture over mount hamilton area. here is what you can zpokt-to-see. clouds around and breaks of clear skies as well, maybe a shower or two up in the north bay during overnight hours, tomorrow morning a cool start with a mix of clouds and sun. low temperatures from low 40s to about 50s, in the afternoon a cooler afternoon than of late. a mix of clouds and sun. probably more sun than clouds into afternoon hours, high temperatures only into mid-50s tomorrow. that colder air mass settles in. and i'll show what you we can expect. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 subway making a promise after bad publicity. >> plus a company taking a
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bite out of apple computer autos city attorney says some restaurants have been adding a surcharge then pocketing the money. the story coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> plus, michael finney taking your questions on twit skbrer facebook. he'll answer them here live. you can contact michael on slash michael finney abc 7 and on twitter. m finney. >> it's your get away friday. taking a look at traffic, heavy especially so for drivers on the left side of the screen or trying to make their way east across the bay bridge. it's heavy for folks heading south towards 101 as well, stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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some women taking action against what is called a vee vempk web site. a place where private photos are posted for anyone to see. the site is called, now taken down. one woman found semi nude photos of herself. >> i just can't imagine why someone would do this to anyone. e mail addresses hone foen numbers can get posted with these photos. >> marianne fell victim as well saying a man posted her
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private photos on the site. she says he called her quote, one of my exploits. two women filed a petition for damages and hope to have a class action lawsuit against and it's hosting company, go daddy. >> exxon surpassed apple as the world's most valuable k stock down another $10 and this has been steady since earnings report released on wednesday. yesterday, stock saw the biggest drop since 2008 apple stock peek peaked back in september. that was the day the iphone 4 was released. >> twitter has an app letting users share video in their tweets. instead of 140 characters videos limited to six seconds or less. right now it's only available for iphone and ipod touch.
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>> subway is promising foot long subs will be at least 12 inches from now on. someone posted this picture showing a foot long measuring just 11 inches. today the chain promised to ensure consistency and correct lengths in every sandwich. >> all right. >> now what does the future hold for yahoo? we have the details. >> hi, emily. >> hi, carolyn and scary. she sat down at the world economic foreign in switzerland. take a listen to what she had to say about the future of technology. >> it isn't stagnant. it's amazing to think about the different waves of the internet and technology. right?
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there are maijs out there. how do you organize them? it gave way to search. next wave came with, social, now, i think we're on the mobile wave. and so, you know, you think about that, that happened in about 15 years, we've gone through four major technology shifts in terms of who main players are. i think there is always opportunity. >> jack dorsey's number two at square resigned over sexual harassment claims. he had been coo and a widely respected power player in the valley. a fornler executive at linkedn, now being accused of sexual hasasment by an employy. saying he developed a
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relationship saying the company did not find evidence to match the allegations. the resignation comes at its critical time for the company just after raising money at a evaluation north of $3 billion. taking a look at markets today, stocks closed higher, starbucks and proctor and gamble reported increased profits. apple, yahoo and hewlett-packard driving the index down. cisco sold it's home router unit to belkin international. the deal expected to close in march and will give about 30% of the u.s. market for home and small business networking. in san francisco, i'm emily chang, back to you vrx a great weekend. >> it's gorgeous skies out there right now. we saw a lot of sun.
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>> it's been a mainly sunny day. there is a threat of isolated showers. before the afternoon is hover, a live view from our east bay hills camera looking at western sky which is mainly sunny. and that is illustrate fwhid look showing almost no precipitation anywhere. a couple spots of moisture here and there. there is a line of moisture off shore, off the north bay coastline. you can see this line sweeping towards the line. there may abe shower or two. but we are dry right now. ridings on the mild side. temperatures in 60s now. low to mid-60s for the most part. these are the forecast features, there is a chance of isolated showers in the north bay. turning cooler tomorrow.
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this dry pattern began to begin. now, a cold overnight that will be cooler into the weekend. here is what is coming our way. cold front bringing very little moisture with it. we expect maybe shower or two out of this overnight, the big change coming our way is a drop in temperatures. colder air for sure. tomorrow look for sunny skies with clouds around. south bay highs mid to upper 50s. same range of highs tomorrow, mid to upper 50s. low to mid-50s on the coast of at pacifica. downtown warming up to 56 tomorrow, 54 in the sunset district. highs made 50s. 55 in petaluma. 56 sonoma. 58 nappa. near east bay, upper 50s in spots.
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inland east bay will have highs into mid-50s. 56 in concord, here is the accu-weather forecast. highs only 54 to 56 degrees sunday, monday and tuesday. milder weather wednesday. a pleasant stretch of weather and will be dri. but brisk out there. >> thank you spencer. >> coming up a new steve jobs movie featuring ashton kutcher making a debut today. >> at 4:30 caltrans on a tour of the fender repairs. >> another live look at traffic this, is looking at i 80 in berkeley. traffic on the righthand side of the picture there is down for berkeley. a day of very slow pace. not a lot better coming back towards san francisco. that is friday afternoon in
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ve s,rsclto, y reoun'p yean sample and try one on too. actor burt reynolds is in intensive care with a severe case of the flu going around this is according to tmz, he was suffering for several days before deciding to go to the hospital. doctors put him in icu because he was severely dehydrated.
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he is expected to make a full recovery. >> you're overreacting. if you were developing this for freaks like us, i doubt you are, nobody wants to buy a computer, nobody. >> how does someone know what they want if they've never seen it. >> we're looking at the movie jobs the film about the life of steve jobs. ashton kutcher portrays him. the movie debutted today. steve woczniak saw that scene and describes it as inaccurate. >> jimmy kimmel is proving he has got what it takes to make it in hollywood. >> forget the chubby children you think you know. hansel and gretel blaflting on to the big screen like never before.
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this come was an "r" raid raiting for a reason. >> it's a grim, terrible fairy tale then continue that story. >> don't bring your children. very horror stories of people bringing their children. >> from fairy tales to a galaxy far, far away, episode 7 of star wars expected to land in theaters in 2015. his other seek cell opens may 17th. one star shining bright today is jimmy kimmel. he got a star on the hollywood walk of fame outside of his show studios. >> my parents brought me here to hollywood to visit the walk of fame when i was 10 years old. i never imagined they'd leave me here to fend for myself.
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>> catch jimmy kimmel live right here on abc. oscars are just weeks away. log on for all things oscars. >> and matt damon had his revenge on the talk show host. >> he's been the butt of a long running joke every night. basically took over the show last night. you see, jimmy... tied up there. i have a feeling we're going to hear a little bit of matt damon. >> welcome to soont's episode of jimmy kimmel sucks. i am your host, matt damon. this was -- just for starters let me ask you this. as an audience is it weird to see a person with actual talent host this show?
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>> i've been told carolyn and the producer would like to do that to me one day before 4:00 news. he trotted out a line up of great guests. reese wither soon, nicole kidman, amy adams. they all took the couch. >> very cool. >> robin williams, ben afleck also made appearances and if you missed it abc will rebroadcast next tuesday at 10:00. >> that is like best show ever in terms of guests with jimmy tide up. nicky minage will be one of the guests tonight. right after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> still ahead restaurant crack down. >> and they're going to the big easy. lucky fans got their hands on tickets today but getting to new orleans is another story. new orleans is another story. >> the reason why hillary(womang
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san francisco city attorney says he's cracking down on restaurant fraud. >> he won't say which restaurants have been pocketing money intended for employee health insurance, it's not clear just how much money is actually missing. >> mark matthews is on a
4:29 pm
famous restaurant row in north beach with the story. mark? >> we're here on columbus avenue across from washington square. the city attorney held a news conference to say restaurants have been adding a little surcharge to their bill. for... covering health care costs for healthy san francisco. the problem, he says some restaurants have been pocketing the money. >> this morn's news conference city attorney promised amnesty to restaurants that come clean and pay what they ow ee. this program seeks to remedy consumer fraud by a relative handful of restaurants and businesses. >> herera says fraud committed when restaurants hand over a bill to customers including a surcharge for health care coverage. >> he's thees establishments imposed surcharges on customers to cover the cost with san francisco's universal health care law that used little or no funds to provide benefits to their employee autos and the city attorney says quite a lot of money is
4:30 pm
missing. >> so we're talking about $9 million? >> over how many restaurants do you think? >> well, we sent target letters this morning to over 50 res straunts and business autos her qlera will name what he calls worst offenders and wants to give them time to come in to make a settlement. one chain agreed to pay 323,000ses today the employees. herera says the chain came forward voluntarily no, intent to defraud. he head of the golden gate res strunt association tell meez probably 90% of the businesses on the list just made a mistake. >> i would say about 90% of the people i've talked to misreported the form. they just didn't know how to complete it. did he the didn't include costs associated with the business. >> the head of the restaurant association says any company
4:31 pm
that did intentionally defront deserves what they've got coming. he thinks numbers reported do not reflect reality. we'll know in 90 days after the restaurants have an opportunity to respond to the let twror get back to the city attorney about what is reported and what they actually took, and spent. coming up at 6:00 we're going to hear from the author of healthy san francisco. he's very upset by the report of some restaurants defrauding people. we'll talk with restaurant customers about that surcharge on bills. reporting from columbus, mark matthews abc 7 news. >> the killings of two mountain lion cubs last month may lead to a change in california law this, morning state juror jerry hill presented a bill requiring the department of fish and wildlife to try nonlethal methods. game wardens killed two cougar
4:32 pm
cubs hiding under a porch of a home no, bigger than a large house cat. >> the department reacted with lethal force against lions when they have become close to human settlements and not a threat to human health and safety. >> under the bill game warden woz work to wildlife agencies to square away or tranquilize and relocate mountain lions. statistics show humans are more likely to be killed by a pet dog than by a mountain lion. >> the white house campaign to gain public support for proposal s kicked off in virginia today. vice president joe biden seemed to keep the discussion focused on background checks. there are people pushing for the right to carry guns in unexpected places. >> vice president joe biden is hitting road now with administration push for gun control. he stopped today in pro-gun
4:33 pm
virginia. today, working with experts following 2007 shooting. >> had this just a day after senator feinstein proposed a new bill banning 158 miller-style assault weapons and large magazines helping the shooter at sandy hook cool murder with efficiency. >> these weapons do not belong on strets of our towns, our cities n our schools. >> some are pushing for more guns. in arkansas there is an effort to allow church leaders to carry guns at the pulpit. >> terrible things can happen at the search. we know they're soft targets. >> organizers cancelled a popular gun show after initial attempt to ban assault weapons resulted in a boycott. >> people need to stand up for rights. >> despite resistance, white house is pushing forward. >> the politicians continue their he debate, one had his gun confiscated. the former georgia speaker of
4:34 pm
the house is accuse fd of trying to bring a gun to atlanta in an airport check point. officer as rested him and took the gun. >> this is an exciting day for some 49ers season ticket holders they got their hands on super bowl tickets they won in a chance to buy in a lottery. cornell burn yard joins us now to talk to fans. >> ravel avila is go together super bowl. he got to buy tickets but has no idea how he's getting to new orleans. >> worst case, i'm driving. >> no one knew where they were sitting until getting to the window. michael from sacramento paid $1900 for two. >> i am jacked up. i have been trying to figure out all week whether i want to sell them or keep them.
4:35 pm
and my friends are telling me i've got to go, screw it. i'm a fan. i'm going. >> probably not going to be real until we land. i mean it's closer. so we're really excited. >> diane and her husband took a chance, booking flights before niners won the chance to go to the super bowl f your name is chosen you can pick up tickets today and tomorrow. >> some happy, lucky people. >> i'm a happy, lucky person too,. >> i'll be there. former 49er mike shumann will be there and i believe bringing his super bowl ring along with abc 7 news reporters wayne freedman will be tweeting activities in new orleans at abc 7 news bay area. >> we have been getting great
4:36 pm
fan photos. take a look at the fans with their helmets and football. the kapg reads to the super bowl. >> patrick b sent thus picture of his pets dressed up in 49ers gear. we get so many pet pictures. they're hilarious. >> keep sending your photos. we'll post them and show some of them here on the air. >> somewhere there is a poodle going... again? i have to wear this thing? >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 a controversial ingredient taken out of a sports drink. >> new jersey mayor to the rescue. how twitter helped cory booker save a breeze freezing dog. >> just ahead, i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact me on and on twitter. i'll answer your questions here live later. >> you can see it's a lovely
4:37 pm
day about to turn cooler, i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> another live look after traffic on the bridge. it's a mess out there on the roadways. this is a live look at the mcarthur maze in oakland. traffic trying to wind towards 80 in berkeley. back with more
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quick action by the mayor of new jersey saved a dog from freezing to death. >> cory booker has been known from his heroics. a news crew from our sister station spotted the dog alone in the cold. nothing to keep her warm. the reporter tweeted mayor booker urging her followers to do the same. he showed up at the house. >> this is brutal weather. the dog is shaking really bad. and you just can't leave your dogs out and go away. >> booker who happens to be a stanford graduate carried the dog to a police cruiser and had the officer crank up the heat and helped track down the owner who's didn't realize the dog was outside. turns out cha cha just became a mom and pups were inside the house. they're all now back together, skbarm koz yes. >> he's like superman. you have a problem, he shows
4:41 pm
up. >> there is another hot dog chilling out back east. first lady tweeted this photo, the first family's dog, bo hanging out with his toy. the red bone on the lawn. the rose garden. nudging is blooming right now. >> and let's get another check on the forecast right now. >> with spencer christian. >> all right. we're mainly dry right now. there is a streak of moisture just off shore, you can see the area of moisture approaching north bay. it may produce a shower or two. nationwide, chilly weather in the northeast. snow showers cold with highs in the teens in fargo and minneapolis. south west and salt lake city area, state of california
4:42 pm
tomorrow, a mixed picture, lots of sunny areas. areas of clouds and scattered showers have a pretty good chance of showers there. in the bay area after the threat of isolated showers overnight, we'll have a cold air mass settling in to bring us partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies. 56 here in san francisco. 58 across the bay in oakland. ment locations around 54, 55 degrees. it's going to be dry and pleasant. >> coming up next she used to wear contacts. so what is the story behind secretary of state hillary clinton now sporting specks? >> there they are. you can't see them. there they are. >> also, how one toddler survived a pencil piercing her eye and lodging in her brain. she's okay now. the recovery is next.
4:43 pm
>> still looking for a place to stay in new orleans for super bowl week? >> i got a room. >> you can stay with larry or other suggestion autos hey,
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secretary of state hillary clinton's glasses are no style stay. a spokesman she will be wearing them because of lingering issues stemming from that concussion suffered last month. she's been wearing the glasses since returning to work this month. no details were released about what types of lenses she's used. experts say they help treat double vision. the spokesman says she seize just fine without them. >> a new study finds people with diabetes can live longer if they monitor of health of their kidneys. university of washington study by researchers found 42% of diabetics studied developed kidney disease. saying better efforts must be made to monitor kidney health.
4:47 pm
experts in the united kingdom said 30% of diabetic there's get annual kidney checkup autos a controversial ingredient is being removed from gatorade. it's a flame retard yantand and banned in japan. a company spokeswoman says this move was in the works for the last year and not in response to a kpet e.petition. the ingredient is used in other pepsi co drinks including mountain dew. >> there is a story of a little girl who is a living, breathing miracle. olivia smith from nmp new hampshire was coloring with her mom, fell on to a pencil. check out of the x ray. it entered her eye and traveled five and a half inches through her brain. coming to rest near her left ear. >> all of a sudden she was on the floor crying. my 3-year-old said it's in her head. the pencil is in her head. i thought she was dying in my
4:48 pm
arms. >> i've been in the business 33 years. i don't think i've ever seen this. >> here is the amazing part. the full length pencil did not puncture anything vital. just missed her optic nerve, major arteries. surgeons in boston were able to remove the pencil. she did suffer three stroke that's left her right side temporarily paralyze bud two weeks later she's home and doing rork bli well that. is a miracle. >> it's is incredible. >> michael finney is here answering questions that you've sent to him. his first you one comes from larry b. giving up our our right to sue. >> going on in america today i'm not kidding you today, everyone we deal with wants us to sign off on losing our
4:49 pm
constitutional rights. it's legal. i'm in the blaming this one company. all of the competition is doing it. good luck trying to sue your tv company is boss fchl there is a way to keep from signing it, don't do it. there is a reason the founding fathers put knit the constitution. and you can tell i'm serious about this. >> jeff p wants to know does the net weight on canned food include watt -- water content? >> bottom line is yes. what you see on the side of the can includes everything in the can. it's that liquid. part you're not eating is weighed that. is why the federal government is beginning to check on this more closely. three companies said more than is allowable. >> we just saw super bowl got their tickets if you're planning on going to super
4:50 pm
bowl we've been told it will be sold out in downtown new orleans. they suggest bit way orbits says you can get this, baton rouge and gulfport. >> that is mississippi. >> yes. >> nearby state. you might want to take a look at air b and b. people rent rooms and apartments and just couches to people that are desperate f you're still looking to grab a flight average fare running around $1500. no deal there. so that guy who is happy about tickets for $900 that is starting there. >> up next a bay bridge repair project.
4:51 pm
>> in san francisco, we went tout a part of the bay bridge today usually reserved for seal sales, sea gulls and occasional oil tanker, what we saw at the repair site. >> and i'm cheryl jennings coming up at 5:00 it's not a report card you want to bring home. a study looks at how prepared california educators are when it comes to teaching subjects. >> driving simulator getting attention of college students. this offers a lesson on
4:52 pm
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4:54 pm
new video taking a look at the repair work going on at damaged bay bridge fender. you can see the area here this, is a good look at it right there. oil tanker grazed the fender january 7th.
4:55 pm
abc 7 joins us live. >> the damaged fender is on the last pier of the bay bridge there right before yerba buena island. the contractor doing the work is the same contractor engineering that did the repairs on the adjacent fender after the cosco busson accident five years ago. turns outs that was this fender system that is coming in handy now. workers are removing twisted steel beams -- baems and shattered wood baems. an oil tanker grazed the fender in the fog january 7th, crushing a 16 by 16 foot section. still, caltrans says it performed as it's supposed to, taking the brunt of the force and protecting the bridge pier structure. there is an upper coated wood swex a plastic section below.
4:56 pm
they attached to a steel structure rap wrapped around the concrete skirt. the contractor says they can no longer use woo.d caltrans has to come up with a new design. >> these were designed when the bridge was built so you're talking about technology that is 80 years old. it's done an excellent job of preparing the bridge. so so we're going put it back with the least disruption that we can. >> caltrans says it's put aside $3 million of money to pay for the repairs hoping that it comes in less than that. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00 the news at 5:00 begins right now.
4:57 pm
>> thank you. is jim harbaugh softening up? what he's telling his player autos the government telling schools to even the playing field for disabled students that want to participate in sports. >> i'm spencer christian. a cold air mass is coming our way. changes for the weekend my forecast is coming up. >> it's not every year you get a chance to do that. and don't get an opportunity to play in this game. >> the 49ers working hard practicing like the super bowl is this sunday instaefd a week from sunday. good evening, everyone. >> 49ers leave for super bowl this coming sunday and today, team members talked to us for the last time before heading
4:58 pm
to new orleans. >> more on how they're preparing for the big game. >> they're fired up and ready to go. today 49ers practice plays and strategize they hope will help them win the first super bowl they've had in 18 years. 49ers having next to last practice before heading to new orleans. the coach says he wants his players not just to win but also bask in the experience. >> i want them to enjoy it. enjoy the competition. >> most of this team has never been to a super bowl. he's proud they're going to have the experience of a lifetime. >> that is the thing to look forward to, playing the game. and working together and a chance to win a championship. >> his players say harbaugh is
4:59 pm
an inspiration. >> his energy is so high. you know? he keeps it that way. and this is a good thing. >> this is the last time harbaugh will hold a news conference before heading out to new orleans and last time players can express their kpekt stations. -- kpekt taigss. >> the team has faith in me. they get me here. i'm going to get everything i v every time. >> back up tight end says practicing in santa clara seems unreal. >> once we get to know them and practicing outside of the box, i think it will start hitting us. >> offensive lineman says he's been warned not to let this super bowl spectacle affect his focus. >> there is go going to be a time are we out for for a concert? stay focused. all times. >> the 49ers will practice again in


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